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Is coming to Aberdeen!
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Our new eBike scheme is the first of it’s kind and is now launched in Bristol and will be launching in other communities across the UK soon.

The reason they’re so good?

Why are we different
We recruit and retrain people who were previously unemployed and support them back into work to run the schemes.
How we do it
Our employees are paid a living wage and supported with access to services and support to improve their lives.
Big Issue eBikes
By renting an eBike from The Big Issue not only are you doing good for others, you are doing good for the environment too.
How to rent?
Download app
Download the app and create a new account. Confirm with the verification code.

Allow the app to use your position for it to search for nearby stations and bikes.
Choose payment plan
Choose Big Issue Ebikes as your city and then choose a payment plan.
Add payment.
Find the bikes in the map
Find eBikes in the map -
or let the app find it for you.
Check if the bike is good to go.
Scan the QR code
Scan the QR code on the bike.
This will release the internal lock, and the motor will be engaged.
Enjoy the ride
Enjoy the ride - use the eBike as long as you like, but be aware of the payment plan and cost involved. In case you forget - there is a maximum fee per day. You can lock the bike during your rent in the app.
Return the bike
Confirm return manually and take a picture to verify correct parking.
It is important that you park the bike in a way that is not causing nuisance.

Scan this QR code to download
the Big Issue eBikes app and register now

Or use the buttons below:

Want to know more about The Big Issue and Sharebike?

You can read all about us on our offical website!

For Councils

At Big Issue eBikes we understand that many councils are unable to fund tenders for cycle schemes.

But because our schemes are funded by subscription and advertising revenues, we can literally drop a fleet into any city regardless of tender while still working with local councils to meet their environmental objectives.

To find out more - contact us!
Contact us

Promote your brand

Big Issue eBikes offer an unique opportunity to promote your brand or organisation while delivering social good.

We can tailor a package for you based on a specific city or across the UK.
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