Safety & Parking

Shared mobility and

joint responsibility

At Voi, we believe in safe and inclusive cities made for living. We believe that sustainable travel is better for our cities and environment, and that sharing it with each other works out well for everyone.

We want to improve mobility and not obstruct it. With good parking infrastructure, e-scooters are not in anyone’s way and can let pedestrians and other traffic pass through safely and smoothly. But in many cities this infrastructure is not in place yet and so we must all help keep the streets free of clutter, and the pavements accessible. They are not, after all, an obstacle course.

Through shared mobility we seek to reclaim the areas occupied by heavy traffic and create space for everyone to get wherever they need to – by foot, bicycle or scooter – within 15 minutes. But this vision can become a reality only when everyone works towards the same goal. Remember, it only takes one bad apple to spoil the batch. Therefore, we urge you to always park properly and help keep the pavements an accessible space – for all.

So, how should you park a Voi scooter, you might wonder?

Keep it neat. Place your scooter parallel and close to a wall, in a scooter rack, or within a designated parking zone. When in doubt, a good tip is to park your scooter next to obstacles that already exist.

Don’t block the pavement. Always leave at least two metres free and be sure not to obstruct the path of pedestrians. Poorly parked vehicles are accidents waiting to happen.

Keep access points free. It’s the same for any vehicle. We need to make sure not to block the entry or exit to garages, bus stops, stores, underground stations, etc.

Don’t block traffic. Ask yourself if your parking choice will work for everyone else. Don’t park in the way of other vehicles and keep roads, bicycle lanes and pedestrian crossings free.

Use the kickstand. Ensure that the scooter remains standing upright by using the kickstand. A fallen scooter can be a real hazard to the visually impaired and to those with limited mobility.

Learn the zones in the app. The in-app parking zones vary between cities. Study the zones before taking a ride and plan your parking accordingly.
Report a bike
If you’ve seen a Voi scooter or e-bike where it shouldn’t be, please report it here. Your report goes directly to the Voi operations team so we can take swift action

Everyone wins from good parking

Each city has their own set of transport challenges and opportunities, and we adapt our service accordingly. We reward good parking behaviour and install parking racks where we can. Read more about this on our blog.

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