How do I register?

You can register by downloading the app “Big Issue eBikes”. When you have registered and accepted the terms and conditions, and added a payment card you are welcome to select a payment plan and start using the bikes. Please notice that our bikes are only in selected cities – you will find more information on this web site and in our social media channels about when and where we will be rolling out across the UK.

What is new with this system?

Being electrical and not bound to docking stations, our systems offers dynamic distribution and takes up a minimum amount of space in the street. The battery capacity is more than enough for any travel distance within the city. Besides the comfort and fantastic user experience of electrical bikes, our most special feature is that of social inclusion. We involve and create jobs for the vulnerable and have a true social impact on society!

By registering, you will not only be choosing healthy and fun transport, but you will also be biking for good.

Why have The Big Issue and ShareBike joined forces to create this scheme?

The Big Issue is already fighting the housing and unemployment crisis through the Ride Out Recession Alliance (RORA), bringing together innovative ideas and experts to help keep people in work and in their homes during the recession. The new scheme will form part of RORA’s activities to support and re-train people to find new employment pathways in green and ethical industries.

Both organisations will be calling on councils and local businesses to take up the scheme in order to provide ethical and sustainable ways for people to travel and support unemployed or vulnerable people back into skilled work.

We will recruit and retrain people who were previously unemployed and support them back into work to run the schemes. The Big Issue eBikes’ employees will be paid a living wage and supported with access to services and support to improve their lives. It will also improve the environmental credentials of many towns and cities across the UK, encouraging people to cycle, rather than drive.

What are plans for expansion across the UK?

We aim to launch a series of fleets in the UK during 2022, the first one to be launched is in Bristol. Our ambition was to launch more fleets in 2021, but Covid has unfortunately caused delays for both operational preparations and supply of electric bikes.

I work for a council/am an employer interested in the scheme, how do I find out more?

We will be focusing on those Councils that are most actively seeking a mobility and social impact solution for their city ,so if our scheme is of interest ,please make contact via email (councils @ bigissue.bike).

When do bicycles arrive in my community?

Our ambition is to roll out nationwide, and we will announce new towns and cities via our website and in social media – so keep an eye on all our channels to be the first to register when we come to your area.!

What will it cost to rent Big Issue eBikes?

We will offer a monthly subscription for £19.95, including some free user time. We will also offer ad hoc fees and discounted fees for selected groups. Please refer to our app and the prices shown there , or to our local offers that will be introduced directly to those groups, Universities or companies involved.

Why do you not use docking stations?

By not being based on docking stations we can provide dynamic distribution and see many advantages with that such as better availability, less use of street space and faster roll out.

Will dock-less systems cause unwanted parking?

This has been a problem for so-called "free-float" systems where bikes have piled up. Our system is not a free-floating system but uses advanced technology to ensure proper parking and will make it economically inconvenient to park outside given areas. In addition, we will also have our balancing crew looking after our bicycles every day to avoid irregularities.

Are the bikes heavy, are they comfortable to ride?

BigIssue eBikes are quality bikes that are built to last whilst giving the user a comfortable experience. The bikes weigh slightly more than a regular bike, but the fact that it is electric will make the user feel that it is much lighter to use.

What is the advantage of an electric bike compared to a regular one?

The biggest difference between pedal assist or electric bikes and normal bikes is the length of an average trip. Commonly, an electric sharing bike ride measures 3 miles which is substantially more than normal bike rides. Needless to say, eBikes make uphill biking a breeze and ultimately will make it more attractive to choose the bike over the car!

What about COVID19?

Biking makes it much easier to keep social distance compared to sitting on a bus or train. However, as with all types of public transport it is your responsibility to protect yourself and follow any current recommended guidelines related to Covid-19 when using the bikes.

Should I wear a helmet?

We encourage users to put their health and safety first and wear a helmet when renting.

How fast do the bikes go?

This is regulated by law and the motor will assist you up to a speed of 15.5 miles/hour.

Can I use my Oyster card to pay?

Unfortunately, the system currently does not support the Oyster card.

Do you also offer electric kick bikes?

No, we do not.

What will be the user interface to the schemes?

Users will be able to access, register, pay and communicate through an app called “Big Issue eBikes” which you can find in your app store. Please note we support IOS (iPhone) and Android, but not Microsoft phones.
What is the loading weight for the bikes?
The loading weight is currently 100 kg and 5 kg for the basket.

I have more questions - where do I ask them?

Please post additional questions on our social media platforms – for addresses see “Contacts”.
What should I do if I have an accident?
In case of an accident, please report to customer support.
If this is about a personal injury or a third party damage, we have a third party and rider insurance. Inquiries will be handled by our insurance company ZEGO. For damage to the bike, you can report this by e-mail to customer support. Please state how the incident occurred, what is damaged and where the bicycle is parked.
Do you have a third party liability and personal accident insurance on behalf of your riders?
Yes, we do. Coverage is subject to terms, conditions and restrictions specified in the policy. For more information about the insurance, we are in the process of setting up an information service, but for the time being contact customer service.
What do I do if I have trouble ending a rental?
Try to quit and restart the app. Please note you must be within internet coverage and have GPS turned on. If that does not work, report through the App ("report a problem") or call Customer Support on Tel: 0117 9717695 (08:30 - 17:30 Monday to Friday). You are responsible for the bike until the rent has ended.
The App is saying it has taken a £10 deposit - when do I get this back?  
£10 is reserved as a deposit prior to every rental for "pay as you go" and is automatically released after the rent has finished. Please note that for some banks this might take 2 to 3 working days.

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