Safety & Parking
Big Issue eBikes wants micro mobility to be perceived as useful and good, and not be an obstacle to traffic or to create dangerous situations for either users or others. We have seen that the frustration caused by poor parking of electric scooters counteracts the significant and positive effects of micro mobility.

Keeping our cities safe and tidy places a responsibility on both ourselves and our users.

The way we seek to solve this is through the following measures:

  • We work with local councils and organisations to establish parking zones in areas where space is limited. It is of course a prerequisite that all actors adhere to these zones and that zones are identified as a joint effort.

  • We have balancing crews who actively move the bikes and clean up where parking of the bikes is an obstacle to normal traffic

  • When returning a bike, users must end the rent manually and confirm the way it was parked, with a photo verification of the parked bike

  • Actively inform users about their responsibility to maintain a pleasant and tidy city centre

  • Recommend the use of a helmet

  • A user contact that points out the need to follow the traffic rules and show consideration when using the bikes - and not expose themselves or others to danger

  • Short digital courses in good cycling behaviour and cycle training events for selected groups

It will always be the person who rents the bicycle who is responsible for the way the bicycle is used,and this responsibility is part of the user contract that is signed upon registration and before the bicycles can be used. This responsibility also includes the financial responsibility for damage and problems during use - both for oneself and other road users or objects.

By being aware of this, we hope that the use of our bikes will be to the benefit of both users and others.

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