Long Term Rental
Rent shareable e-bikes
for your employees
From £79/bike/month
It is very simple
How do I get the bikes?
Register your company and choose the plan and number of bikes that suit your needs. A member of staff will contact you for a quote

Pay one month minimum in advance

That's it! Once delivered, and with our easy to use app, you are now free to use the bikes as munch as you like - helping to invest in the sustainable transport our planet needs

How do I use the bikes?

Make sure the bikes
are charged before setting off
Open lock and find the bike
in the map by using a simple app
Call us of the bikes need service,
we help you within a working day
Notice time
Single month
> 3 months
> 6 months
Price per month / bike + VAT
Terms & Conditions
  • A minimum of four (4) bikes per company is required to be rented.
  • Bikes must be locked to a physical object that is fixed to the ground when not stored in a safe place. Locks provided by BigIssue eBikes.
  • One (1) additional battery will be provided for every two (2) bikes rented. Charging responsibilities fall upon the renter.
  • Repairs included in the price - if the bike is broken, we swap the bike with a new one within 1 working day.
  • Rent is invoiced in advance and on a monthly basis.
  • Keep the bikes for as many months you like. (need to specify renewal procedures)
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